Why Use Fogging?

Use Fogging?

The last six months have presented a situation that we have never seen before. Businesses all around us are being forced to close their doors – with some perhaps never re-opening them, due to these circumstances. Friends and family haven’t been able to reunite, in such a way that has quite literally, turned our world upside down. The impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus need not be further re-instated. It’s a battle we have all been enduring and fighting back against in our way.

But as life begins to return to normal and businesses slowly start to open their doors once again, the general public has become more germ-conscious than ever before. This means that small businesses have no other choice, other than to demonstrate they take their hygiene standards seriously. In our post-pandemic world, businesses have to prove that they are prepared to prioritise the safety of their staff and customers to ensure they can come out of this post-pandemic world safety.  

There is no better method to prove to customers that you take their safety seriously than by using the most advanced and up-to-date sanitisation methods, which is, of course, fogging services. In today’s guide, we are going to be talking about what Fogging is, how businesses of all kinds can use it not just to keep them safe, but to improve their PR image in the process. This allows them to play their part in keeping society safe.

Key Touch-Points

Hand hygiene has been a prevalent theme ever since the virus reached the country back in March. Experts and government officials have tirelessly reminded the public to continue to wash their hands regularly, and have offered guidance on how to wash your hands effectively.  

Hand hygiene is essential because people will often touch surfaces with their hands, and fire placing their hand in their mouth or face, which accelerated the spread of the virus. This is the primary method of how the virus spreads and how other people can come into contact with it.

Within organisations, there are many areas in which the virus ca; spread from person to person. For example, door handles rubbish bins, dining surfaces, toilet flushes and vehicles. The virus can be present on any of these surfaces, and as individuals touch the, then place their hands on their mouth. For example, one recent study went as far as to prove that one person could contaminate and infect an entire medium-sized office within 2-4 hours, just thanks to all the shared hotspots that are touched.

The point that is being made here is to demonstrate how crucial it is to clean surfaces at regular intervals. It is the only known way to ensure that anyone on your premises is safe from the spread of the virus and protect your customers or employees. But what is the easiest way to clean your business environment? Fogging mist services.

Your Premises

It’s obvious now how crucial it is to ensure that all of your premises surfaces and areas are sanitised before you welcome people back into your premises. So as a manager of premises or facility, you might be asking yourself some questions such as “When can I get my facilities up & running again.”, “Are my premises surfaces clean and properly sanitised?”, “What kind of plan do we have to ensure our premises are fully sanitised”, and “how can we keep such high hygiene standard levels for as long as we need to?”.

You might have professional cleaners on-site to perform cleaning and sanitisation tasks, that can be an excellent place to start, but such a severe pandemic like this requires an added degree of assistance. It requires measures and technology that only a highly professional service can perform.

This is precisely where an organisation such as Fogging London can help you. We are professional fogging sanitising services organisations, and help businesses of all kinds to ensure that their premises are entirely safe, and ready to open their doors to employees and customers as soon as possible.

The process is simple, and as follows:

Our trained professionals will investigate the site and carry out a risk assessment and survey the premises. After that, our expert professionals will use the most advanced and u-to-date Fogging sterilisation techniques and equipment to deliver the most effective and high-quality cleaning process. These experienced professionals will use the most advanced disinfectants and use all required personal protective equipment.

Use Fogging Methods?

The process which is outlined involves the airborne micro-droplets landing underneath and on top of surfaces in the same way the virus microbes do.  The mist from fogging can remain in the air for long enough to kill airborne bacteria. The walls, ceilings and any other fabrics are exposed to this fogging process, and the result is that 99.999% of pathogens are killed within just a matter of seconds.

All hand surfaces and other touch-points are thoroughly wiped down before the Fogging process begins. After the process has taken place, the room must remain empty for up to one hour. The effect of this sanitisation can last for up to 8 weeks after the process has finished. 


In conclusion then, the benefits of fogging are obvious. There is no other method of cleaning your business premises that can have such astonishing results than Fogging techniques. Fogging ways are highly effective for large spaces, and when it comes to decontaminating surfaces of germs and bacteria, there is no other match for Fogging.

Like we have said, there is no denying the vital importance of protecting your employees and customers in this post-pandemic world. There is no way that businesses can get away with slacking on the hygiene of their premises. Companies who recognise that their customers want to see them taking this situation seriously are the ones who will thrive in this post-pandemic world.

Make my space safe.

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