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The impact that COVID 19 has had on our day to day working lives is extreme. Now, almost all workplaces are faced with decisions about allowing staff to work remotely. Some staff may enjoy this, but for others, they feel they are much more productive and satisfied when working form an office. That’s why for you, as a small business owner, it is essential for you to ensure your office premises are completely sanitised and safe for welcoming your employees back into your office as soon as possible.

There is no better way to ensure that your business offices are sanitised than with our Fogging sanitisation services. Our team of expert professionals are fully trained in offering the very best and most effective Fogging sanitisation services. This allows us to ensure your office space is up to all the necessary hygiene standards to welcome back your workers as soon as possible.

When you begin to welcome your employees back into your office space, it is crucial that you can ease their fears and worries with regards to the sanitisation and cleanliness of your area. With our services, you can ensure your employees are totally at ease from within your office space and allow them to maximise their productivity once again.

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Thanks London Fogging for being able to work quickly to get premises ready for our staff to come back safely, would highly recommend them to anyone fantastic service.

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Once we had called London Fogging they were down the same day to run through what needed doing so that we could work safely moving forward in this new world we live in.

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Our Popular

Office Decontamination

Offices are a crucial part of the functioning of another country. Office workers are what keep businesses in order and ensure that all organisations can function smoothly. Therefore, as our country begins to re-open, all office spaces must ensure that they reach decent standards if hygiene.

Shopping Centre Decontamination

Here is no doubt that the last few months have been extremely difficult for shopping centres. With buyers restricted to the confinements of their own home, these centres have missed out on huge revenues from the lack of foot-fall in their premises. Now as some shops and shopping centres have started to re-open,  shopping centres are being forced to raise the standards of safety within their centres.

School Decontamination

Since the outbreak of the virus, it is a well-known fact that schools were regarded as hotspots for the spread of coronavirus. Now that the country is beginning to return to normal again, and school, look likely to re-open in September, it is crucially vital that schools ensure their premises is a safe place for their students.

Office Decontamination Fogging In London

Offices are a crucial part of the functioning of another country. Office workers are what keep businesses in order and ensure that all organisations can function smoothly. Therefore, as our country begins to re-open, all office spaces must ensure that they reach decent standards if hygiene. Our Fogging services are ideal for most office spaces. The air mist disinfectant solution can quickly kill almost all bacteria on surfaces within just a matter of seconds.

When you place your trust in us as your office Fogging sanitiser, you can rest assured knowing that your office space is being protected within good hands. Our simple solution means that there will be no fuss, no stress and no hassle when you choose us to protect your office space.

The fact that our services are so simple means that you can get your employees back within your office space with minimum downtime, and raise your productivity levels to the they were before. We take great pride in helping businesses just like yours, to maximise the safety and hygiene of your premises, and get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Our services

Here at London Fogging, we have one goal. That is to ensure that your business premises are safely sanitised by using a range of different methods.

Some of the different kinds of services we offer include the following.

Wipe downs – our expert team of cleaners will use disinfectant solution to wipe down the surfaces of your business to ensure they are safe and thoroughly sanitised.

Fogging – using the most advanced and specialised treatment methods, our cleaners will use Fogging techniques to cover all surfaces within one confined area. This includes items in kitchens, desk spaces and every corner and exterior on a communal area or room.

Spraying – the spraying method involves the application of a small disinfectant mist solution to clean the surfaces within your premises and ensure that you, your employees and customers are protected.

All of these techniques end up with the same result, which is that your surfaces will be entirely safe and disinfected, ready for you to welcome employees back to your premises as soon as possible again.

How Fogging Works?

The process which is outlined involves the airborne microdroplets to land underneath and on top of surfaces in the same way the virus microbes do.  The mist from Fogging can remain in the air for long enough to kill airborne bacteria. The walls, ceilings and any other fabrics are exposed to this Fogging process, and the result is that 99.999% of pathogens are killed within just a matter of seconds.  

All hand surfaces and other touch-points are thoroughly wiped down before the Fogging process begins. After the process has taken place, the room must remain empty for up to one hour. The effect of this sanitisation can last for up to 8 weeks after the process has finished. 

How it Works!



Our trained professionals will investigate the site and carry out a risk assessment and survey the premises.


Action Works

Our expert professionals will use the most advanced and up-to-date Fogging sterilisation techniques and equipment to deliver the most effective and high-quality cleaning process.


Quality Control

All work is vetted that is completed to make sure all work has been carried out to government guideline standards.

Why Choose us?

Of course, there are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting a Fogging services provider. But what separates us from the competition isn’t just our team members, but it’s our priorities. What we mean is, we have one preference here at London Fogging, and that is all about you. At the end of the day it is about your business, your safety and your customers’ safety that we care about, nothing else really matters to us.  

When you place your trust in us as your Fogging services provider, you can rest assured knowing that you are receiving the very best Fogging services provider in the industry. Our team of expert professionals have years of experience in delivering the most satisfactory results to clients just like you and take great pride in doing so.

When you choose us, you will know that our team members will always go the very extra mile to ensure you are delighted. What’s more, is, they even take great pride in doing so. Because after all, that’s what is most important to us, ensuring that your premises are safe and hygienic, and to make sure that you can open up your office doors as soon as possible.

 We have now grown a reputation for being a well-trusted name in the industry. Our satisfied customers will often remark about the kindness and pleasantness of our staff team and the swift & efficient nature of our services.  

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