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London fogging is formed of leading players in the industry that wanted to create a business, to help people be able to thrive in the current pandemic. We have over 50 years of combined experience covering all aspects of cleaning services, and with this, we have grown dramatically over the last 5 months. We help businesses of all sizes in differetn sectors. 

The last six months have presented a situation that we have never seen before. Businesses all around us are being forced to close their doors – with some perhaps never re-opening them, due to these circumstances. Friends and family haven’t been able to reunite, in such a way that has quite literally, turned our world upside down. The impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus need not be further re-instated. It’s a battle we have all been enduring and fighting back against in our way.

But as life begins to return to normal and businesses slowly start to open their doors once again, the general public has become more germ-conscious than ever before. This means that small businesses have no other choice, other than to demonstrate they take their hygiene standards seriously.


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Within organisations, there are many areas in which the virus ca; spread from person to person. For example, the door handles rubbish bins, dining surfaces, toilet flushes and vehicles. The virus can be present on any of these surfaces, and as individuals touch the, then place their hands on their mouth. For example, one recent study went as far as to prove that one person could contaminate and infect an entire medium-sized office within 2-4 hours, just thanks to all the shared hotspots that are touched.

Untreated Coronavirus is believed to last up to 72 hours on a surface. Our disinfectants will kill viruses and bacteria on contact and whilst they are persistent and remain effective once dry unlike others it is recommended that treatments are carried out weekly with high risk ‘touchpoints’ wiped with a disinfectant daily.

The general guideline is that the more people who contact surfaces, the more frequently that surface should be cleaned.

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